Features: 1. The anti-collision barrel is formed at one time, which is heat-resistant, cold-resistant, impact-resistant, and not easy to age. After being filled with water, it is more cushioned and flexible, and can be moved flexibly after emptying the water. 2. The barrels of bumper buckets are
Abstract [Notice of the Association] Notice of the 20th China Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum and the 50th Anniversary of the Birth of China's Cubic Boron Nitride (Read the full text) To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of China's cubic boron nitride, for
Although the renovation process is very hard, but it is also easy to escape the past, the newly renovated house has finally entered the air after a period of ventilation. After a while, the good mood at the time of check-in disappeared because the new home was "troubled." Some of the mist
The bedside tables sold on the market today are really numerous and numerous, and at the same time, their sizes are different. What is the height of the bedside table ? This is the knowledge that Go Jiaju wants to introduce to friends today. The bedside table is a small chara
The main faults of the extruder are abnormal noise and abnormal vibration caused by abnormal wear and wear or damage of the transmission components, poor lubrication, and also foreign matter jamming, block blocking, and the like. In order to avoid failures, in addition to routine maintenance, mainte