37 square decoration skills 37 square decoration considerations

The current housing prices have soared. For those working-class people, small-sized apartments are our best choice. When we were renovating, we found that the decoration of small-sized houses was difficult to do. The small apartment requires us to have a good plan for space when designing, in order to decorate a unique house. So what do you need to pay attention to in the 37 square decoration? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the 37 square decoration skills and 37 square decoration considerations!


37 square decoration skills


The entrance to the door is small and practical. The cabinet is installed on the top, and some seasoning shoes can be placed. It is very convenient to put a shelf on the bottom and put on everyday shoes. The mirror treatment on the side plays the role of expanding the visual space.

living room

Stepping into the living room from the kitchen, although the living room is not large, it is also spacious and bright. The color of the wallpaper, the red green color, gives a natural sense of freshness. A multi-drawer low cabinet that can be placed in different categories.


Put two small chairs and a small table on the small balcony. In the leisure time, meet your intimate friends. In the warm sunshine of the afternoon, look at the green outside the house and feel the leisure time.


Small bedroom, but it is very warm by clever arrangement. The wallpaper also uses the same color wallpaper as the living room, bringing a natural and fresh taste. The unique wall decoration makes the entire bedroom unique.

37 square decoration method of saving money

1. When buying materials, you should shop around and understand how different the prices of materials in different building materials markets are. After choosing a good business, try to buy 1 piece of materials when buying building materials, especially large items, saving time and shipping costs. At the same time, you can get a certain degree of concessions. Wires are generally sold in the whole building materials market. If you and the designer's calculation method do not use so much, you can go to some small stores to buy, they can provide zero sales.

2. For the wall, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, but you are not willing to be mediocre and don't want to use the same color all the time, you can consider buying self-adhesive wallpaper or wall stickers to DIY. If you have the skills of painting, you can draw or find yourself. People hand drawing is also a pretty good choice.


37 square decoration considerations

Complex ceiling decoration

Most of the small-sized houses are shorter than the world, so the smaller ceiling decoration should be the first choice, or simply do not make the ceiling. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, the space area of ​​the ceiling will be too strong.

Ground decoration of divided areas

The space of the small apartment is narrow and twisted. Many people want to highlight the decoration effect and highlight the sense of the area. They will be divided into different areas using different decoration materials and heights. The smallpox also often echoes the dog, which creates a more tortuous space. Structure and derivation of many "corridors", causing visual obstruction and waste of space.

Too big furniture

The choice of small-sized furniture should be based on practical and compact, and it is not suitable to choose particularly large furniture and accessories. The purchase follows the principle of “Ning Xiao Bu Da Da” and also considers the storage function. There should be drawers around the bed; wardrobes should be narrower and have more layers, such as tie, belt, shirt, and coat. It is best to plan the size of the furniture on the drawings before choosing to buy.

We need to pay attention to the small apartment decoration. It is our most important to use every square meter of space. The above is the 37 square decoration technique and 37 square decoration notice that Xiaobian introduced today. It is over here. If you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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