Application of Modern Design Method in Product Design (2)

2.3 Develop the product development process and development plan 2.3.1 Develop the general development process. The product development process is roughly divided into conceptual design, technical design, prototype trial production, mass production, market release, and service. According to the company's overall development process, unnecessary activities are abridged and the detailed development process of the product is formulated.

2.3.2 Develop a product development plan. Project management system is used for project management, integrating organization, technology and resources; using system integration and parallel design methods, the overall design goals are decomposed into sub-goals and task activities, and project team members are assigned tasks to meet the requirements. The market releases the expected product development plan for Gantt.

2.3.3 Management according to the product development plan. Regularly review the design of each stage and adjust the development plan.

3 Product design 3.1 This product has been determined during concept design. Only layout design and design are required;

3.2 Using computer-aided design, using PRO-E, top-down function design from top to bottom through Layout [layout sketch], complete layout design 3.3 using computer-aided design, using PRO-E, designing the appearance scheme 3.3.1 Choose materials. The structure of the sheet metal combined with the plastic parts meets the strength function requirements. The craftability, economy and environmental friendliness of the parts meet the regulatory requirements and are harmless to the human body and the instrument. Consider using existing button modules, so that the use of uniform plastic materials is conducive to product classification and recycling.

3.3.2 Appearance. Limited by the market release time T, the appearance of the product adopts the design method of combining sheet metal and plastic parts. The outer design of the sheet metal shell is adopted. The modular design is adopted. The design of the outer casing can be opened when the paper is maintained and changed. The outer casing can be visually inspected. The use of paper rolls, borrowing existing plastic parts operation panel modules, can shorten the design and commissioning cycle and reduce the cost; at the same time, because the modules are mass-produced, it is advantageous to adopt advanced technology and implement mold production, which is convenient for maintenance and favorable for maintenance. Product testing and testing, to increase product performance and reliable diameter 5].

3.3.3 color. Continue the tone of the existing company's product line, using blue and gray color.

3.4 Parallel design of several product design schemes and screening out the best solution 3.5 Design review In addition to the continuation of the appearance of the series of products, the aesthetics, simple style, but also need to pay attention to the accessibility of the maintenance design, required in the product equipment The installation, disassembly, use of the tool and the detection are easy to operate, and the size of each unit and the opening portion of the outer casing are closely matched. When the paper is maintained and changed, the design of the outer casing can be opened. Although it requires more manpower and material resources in design and manufacture, it reduces the time required to find the cause of the fault during on-site analysis to adapt to the on-site instant printing.

3.6 Detailed design and design produces product data.

3.7 PDM product design data management products 3D, 2D data into the library, in preparation for the later production of CAM system calls.

3.8 Using CNCKAD software (CAM), the mold design and manufacturing man-hours are reduced, the mold production cycle and cost are shortened, and the product update is accelerated. 3.8.1 Calling database data, converting file format, and inputting system.

3.8.2 Visualization of processing technology, realization of tool selection, determination of cutting direction and input of process parameters.

3.8.3 Automatic generation of CNC machining instructions.

3.8.4 CNC machining simulation to check the correctness of the process and instructions, and data communication with the CNC machine tool to realize the CNC machining of the mold.

4 Conclusion Modern design methods and applications have been one of the most popular technologies in recent years. With the migration of the world's processing and manufacturing bases to China, this method will surely grow tremendously in China. However, due to factors such as capital and application software, most of the manufacturing companies with product-centric products have low application software that penetrates various modern design methods, which directly affects the market competitiveness of products.

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the design methods of a product in the development process of the enterprise, so that the reader can understand the content and steps of the modern design method in the product development and design process, so as to further improve the product competitiveness of the enterprise. .

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