Baseboard What is the height of the baseboard? What material is good for the baseboard?

Today, the skirting board is highly valued in home decoration. It not only can play a certain decorative effect, but also can protect the wall surface from damage to a certain extent, so that it can extend its service life. What is the baseboard? Baseboard height dimension is much better, and what material skirting it? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

What is the baseboard?

The baseboard is a special word for decoration. In the design of the living room, the shades of the shades, waistlines, and skirtings play a visual balancing role. Using their linear feel, texture, and color to echo each other in the room, they can have a good beautifying effect.

Another function of the baseboard is its protection function. Baseboards, as the name suggests, are kicked wall areas, so they are more vulnerable to impact. Skirting can better bond the wall and the ground, reduce the deformation of the wall, and avoid damage caused by external forces. In addition, the skirting board is also relatively easy to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, scrubbing is very convenient. In addition to its own function of protecting the walls, the baseboard also occupies a considerable proportion in the proportion of home furnishings. It is the outline of the ground, and the sight will often fall naturally on it. Generally, the thickness of the baseboard of the decoration is 5mm-12mm or 8mm-15mm.

Second, the height of the baseboard

There is no special standard for the size of the baseboard, and its common height is generally about 6-10cm:

1, tile baseboard, the height is usually 13cm;

2, wooden baseboard, a height of 8cm;

3, stone baseboard, low baseboard height of about 8-10cm, there are high baseboard height 15-25cm;

4, stainless steel, glass, pvc baseboard, height is generally about 10cm.


Third, what material baseboard is good

1, wooden baseboard

There are two types of wood baseboards, wood kicking line and density board kicking line. Among them, wood baseboards are relatively rare in life, although the effect is very good, but the cost is relatively high, and the use of such a long time After that, it is very likely that arching and other phenomena will appear. Therefore, the most commonly used decoration is the wooden baseboard made of MDF.

2, PVC baseboard

PVC skirting is a substitute for wooden kicks. It not only has a similar appearance to wooden kicks, but also has a cheaper price. However, it has the disadvantage that the surface skin is easily peeled off. This will affect its appearance and visual effect. There is also no natural texture of wood baseboard.


3, wood plastic baseboard

The wood-plastic baseboard is a new type of composite material. It is generally treated with two methods of environmental protection paint and thermal transfer. It is very environmentally friendly, healthy, and also waterproof and anti-worm. It is especially suitable for daily decoration. Its effect is very good and it is loved by consumers.

4, tile, stone baseboard

Most of the baseboards of this material are more durable, but it is also the same as the stainless steel baseboard. Its applicable range is relatively small. Generally, it is only suitable for the same use of stone or tile on the wall and the ground. room.


5, stainless steel baseboard

The stainless steel baseboard is relatively expensive and complicated to install, but it has a long service life and is durable. This eliminates the need for future maintenance. However, it has a disadvantage in that the range of use is relatively small. Many are Modern style home decor.

6, PS polymer baseboard

PS polymer baseboards are mainly used to replace solid wood baseboards, stone baseboards and stainless steels. PS polymer baseboards are mainly made of plastic polymers. Their surfaces are decorated with wood or marble textures. , It has good abrasion resistance and waterproofness, but its cost is higher than the cost of PVC baseboard and MDF baseboard, so it is not suitable for most families.

Above it is Xiaobian to introduce what about the baseboard is good for detailed information on the size and height of the baseboard what material skirting, hoping to help to you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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