Basic knowledge of choosing a shower room

Bathroom facilities have gone through the history of the evolution from tub lead tubs to ceramic bathtubs to water heaters. Now, a new trend has become more and more intense, that is to add shower room in the bathroom.

The appearance of the shower room is directly related to the improvement of living conditions. At present, many homes have been designed with two sets of toilets. People generally install more traditional bathtubs in one of them and a shower room in the other so that family members can get what they need. In addition, due to changes in the concept of hygiene, many people think that the shower is more hygienic than the bath. Therefore, even if there are only one bathroom in some families, they will also take a bath and shower room during the renovation. Experts believe that the bathroom is equipped with a shower room, and the bath facilities and sanitary ware are clearly separated in space, thus highlighting their respective functions. This is an improvement in the concept of home.

Simple structure

The basic structure of the shower room is a chassis plus fence. The texture of the chassis is ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, ABS composite panels, etc. The fence frame is mostly made of aluminum alloy and the outer layer is sprayed. There are plastic or tempered glass doors on the fence, which can be easily accessed. Various spray patterns or lines are printed on the glass. The size of the shower room chassis has a variety of 80*80 90*90 100*100 120*85 and so on. The height is generally 180, 185, etc. The area size can be determined according to their own needs.

Various shapes

In addition to the common square shape, the shower cabin chassis sold on the market has a variety of shapes such as round, fan-shaped and diamond-shaped. The doors installed on the fence are not completely restricted to common forms and have greater flexibility. Some shower rooms have a beam with the same texture as the frame at the top of the fence. Both ends of the beam can be fixed on both sides of the wall. On the one hand, the stability of the shower room can be increased, and on the other hand, it can also be used for hanging articles.


The shower room currently on the market has broken through the past single white, adding a lot of bright colors, which is consistent with the trend of the current popular bathroom multi-color decoration, cleaning and decoration features combined. In addition, the market can still see some shower rooms using a relatively rare process of sandblasting gold or sandblasting silver, color luxury, extraordinary style, but the price is relatively expensive.

Single origin

At present, shower rooms sold in the market are concentrated in Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Guangdong, and all imported shower rooms are rare in the ordinary decoration market. They generally appear in some high-end imported brand stores, the price is far worse than the former two. The United States is beautiful, but not quite.

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