Bio-cells made with vitamins

Bio-cells made with vitamins

According to TechRadar, a Beijing-based technology website, batteries play a vital role in modern life. Without them, our cars, cell phones, cameras, or notebooks will all become scrap metal. However, batteries are good, but they will affect the environment to varying degrees during manufacture and processing. Therefore, researchers are always looking for better alternatives. Eventually they found that natural materials are the best energy storage equipment.

Recently, the research team of the University of Toronto invented a new battery, and vitamins are an important part of the battery. At the same time, the addition of this new component also increases the voltage and battery life of the battery, making it more environmentally friendly.

Researchers have been able to make major technological breakthroughs because they have found a brand new substance called “riboflavin” that can be used to make the negative electrode (output current) of the battery, which comes from vitamin B2.

Although we have seen many bio-cells before, it is still the first time in history to use electrodes made of long-chain polymers such as vitamins. After the birth of this new battery, electrical energy can be stored in plastics made from vitamins, rather than the cobalt-based materials that are contaminated by the environment in traditional batteries.

Dwight is one of the developers of the battery, he said that the discovery of new materials is not overnight. "Sometimes you integrate the required items in order, but in the end they didn't react. We tried a variety of combinations and it took the fifth type to work," said Dwight.

Right now, this vitamin battery is only the size of a hearing aid, and future researchers will work to expand their power so that they can be used on larger devices.

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