Explain the position of antenna in wireless monitoring system

In the wireless monitoring system, the antenna is essential, and the signal transmission of the wireless monitoring device must be achieved through the antenna. Antennas have different radiating or receiving capabilities in different directions in space. This is the antenna's directionality. The higher the gain of the antenna, the higher the directivity and the wider the coverage. The antenna direction is usually measured using a directional pattern. In the horizontal plane, the antenna that radiates and receives no maximum direction is called an omnidirectional antenna, and the antenna that has one or more maximum directions is called a directional antenna. Omnidirectional antennas are often used in point-to-multipoint communication center stations due to their non-directional nature. Because directional antennas have the maximum radiation or receiving direction, the energy is concentrated, and the gain is higher than that of omnidirectional antennas. It is suitable for long-distance point-to-point communication, and because of its directionality, the anti-interference ability is relatively strong.

In wireless surveillance systems, it is generally recommended to use directional antennas to transmit video signals. Within 10 km, it is recommended to use built-in directional antennas to achieve wireless video transmission. If over 10 km, it is recommended to use external high-gain directional antennas to achieve wireless video transmission. Omnidirectional antennas are generally used for wireless coverage, and the transmission distance is generally about one kilometer. It is also possible to use a directional transmission omnidirectional reception to set up a wireless monitoring system.

There are many types of antennas on the market, and the materials and technologies are not the same, so the difference in antenna gain is also great. The anti-ultraviolet material is added to the antenna housing material of our company's wireless bridge to prevent the equipment from cracking in the long-term sun exposure. The antenna bandwidth (700M), when multiple channels work at the same time, each channel is at the most Good working condition. The antenna has stable high-frequency performance, excellent electrical performance, and is also waterproof, with a wide range of outdoor temperature applications. It is widely used in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint remote wireless video surveillance and wireless coverage.

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