Exterior Wall Tile Cleaning Tips Exterior Wall Tiles How to Clean

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, ceramic tiles have entered millions of households. Tiles are easy to handle, easy to clean, do not have to worry about being wetted by water, easily scratched by hard objects. Although tiles have such advantages, but with a long time will encounter a variety of pollution, inconvenient to clean up, especially outside wall tiles is not easy to clean; then, how to clean the outer wall tiles it? What are the exterior wall tile cleaning techniques? Let's take a look together.

Clean tile surface

If the surface of the tile accidentally pours tea, coffee, beer, or ice cream, grease, etc., it should be scrubbed for the first time, if necessary, can also add a little bleach. Put the bleach solution on the stain for about half an hour, then wipe with a cloth. For the stains that have stayed in the brick for a long time, the bleaching time should be lengthened. If the brick surface has ink, cement, etc., can be sprinkled with diluted hydrochloric acid or dilute nitric acid solution, if stained with paint, paint and other pollutants, you need to use a special detergent, and can be purchased in the building materials market.

Clean tile joints

When cleaning the seams or scratches on the tiles, apply toothpaste to these spots and wipe them repeatedly with a soft, dry cloth. If the tile is badly damaged, it should be promptly repaired or replaced with a new one. It is recommended that special maintenance personnel come to the site to provide repairs or replace the tiles with a certain technical content.

For tiles that are invisible on cabinets and behind cabinets, they are particularly prone to oily stains and are cumbersome to clean. Here to tell you a small trick, can be the first time in the renovation, or just after cleaning, with a candle smeared in the tile joints, so that the tile joints evenly coated with candles and the surface of the tile flat, so that oil can not enter the depths, When cleaning, you only need to use a detergent to gently clean the tile surface.

How to clean exterior wall tiles

The cleaning of exterior wall tiles is best to find a professional cleaning company. The cleaning of exterior walls is a type of high-altitude cleaning. It is an extremely dangerous construction project. The cleaning of the exterior wall is not only to make the wall clean and tidy, but also to ensure the personal safety of the cleaning personnel. Let's take a look at the steps to clean the exterior wall tiles.

1. The first step is to select a place where the rope is fixed on the roof platform. Note that the rope needs to be wound several times. Repeatedly several times of drag and drop and load tests must be completed. Place rubber mats where needed (cornered) to prevent rope breakage that may result from friction.

2. Hang the sling in the U-shaped buckle on the seated hanging board, hang the bucket on the side of the board, and put on a small half bucket of detergent. It is easy to spill waste. Make sure you bring all the cleaning tools you used. It's inconvenient to think about getting them again. The rope has a special fastening method that can make the hanging board not fall in the air. The cleaners are free to operate the control ropes. Simply put, the rope hangers slide down a bit, which is completely controlled by the cleaning staff themselves.

3, people must look at the top and bottom of the building as a security guard.

More on how to clean the external walls of tile exterior wall tile cleaning tips and a brief introduction here, I hope for your help. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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