Four main cabinet door selection points

The door panel is the most important part of the cabinet, and the more commonly used ones are still MFC veneer, paint board, PVC film board, and solid wood board. In order to allow everyone to be aware of when buying, here we introduce the key points of different door panels through comparison.

1 Affordable MFC Decking

Environmental protection is the key

MFC decorative panel is what we often say is the hydrogen ammonia plate, is the most common style of the four kinds of commonly used door, the most affordable price. When selecting the MFC veneer, it is important to check the substrate and the edge of the door to determine if it is environmentally friendly.

Kohler cabinet MFC door base material using high-quality particleboard, plate bond strength, water thickness thickness expansion rate meet the requirements of GB/T 15102-94 standard, formaldehyde emission amount to GB18580-2001 standard in Europe E1 level requirements. Standardized processing realizes an exquisite edge-sealing process that is not easy to fall off, has good waterproof performance, and can better suppress the emission of formaldehyde.

For imported brands with strict quality, such as Parker and Kohler, even the simplest MFC door can be mixed in different colors. Most cabinets can only make the door and the edge band the same color.

Reminded small brand cheap MFC door. Most of them use inferior particleboard produced by domestic small manufacturers as a base material, in which a large amount of glue is used, together with poor details such as edge banding, which can result in a large amount of formaldehyde emission from the door panel and is not environmentally friendly.

2 beautiful paint door

Good moisture resistance and wear resistance

The lacquer board is a kind of cupboard door that is more popular nowadays. Its advantages are that it is fashionable and bright, good care, and moisture resistance is better than the other three kinds of door panels. Therefore, the focus of selection is to see the moisture-proof effect and whether it is scratch-resistant.

The surface is painted evenly without any particles or flaws. It is a good paint board to see no ripples under the lights.

The standardized factory adopts high-quality paint and advanced spray processing technology to meet the national test standards for paint, ensuring that the door panel has good moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and swelling resistance. After testing, Kohler baking door panels can be soaked in warm water for up to 120 minutes without the surface swelling or deformation.

Special reminder The paint door with poor quality is often scratched and peeled off after being used in the kitchen for a period of time. The reason is that the paint and painting process used is poor and the surface is easily left with scratches and water vapor.

3 Rich PVC Coatings

Substrate and lamination process are important

PVC coated sheet is what we often say molded board, is a layer of film on the surface of the substrate with a machine, so that the door has a variety of rich colors and shapes. Judging the quality of the molded board depends on the door board substrate, and second, it depends on the lamination process. Only by meeting the requirements can we ensure that the door panel does not deform, can not afford drums, and does not fade.

The substrate is a high-density board with a density of more than 780 (usually the substrate is only 720), which is firm and not easily deformed. And using imported machinery and compression molding process, after 60 minutes of high temperature testing, the door surface without any cracks, protrusions, discoloration or crumpled.

The color and shape of PVC laminates have become more and more diverse. For example, this woodgrain pattern is the popular color of many big names this year.

Special reminders The use of low-density panels in poor quality molded cabinets for a long time may cause the door panels to deform or even break. Due to the poor lamination process, surface drums, edging, and fading often occur.

4 elegant and elegant solid wood door

Look at the material and the manufacturing process

Large and small cabinet brands now have solid wood door panels, but prices vary widely. Judging the quality of the overall quality lies in the wood material used and the manufacturing process, because these two aspects directly affect the heat resistance and durability of solid wood door panels.

Domestically produced solid wood cabinets are slightly inferior to the imported cabinets in terms of processing technology, so most of them can only be made of solid wood door panels, and the cabinet frames are made of other materials with better moisture resistance to suit Chinese kitchens.

The cherry wood material imported from North America is made of 100% pure wood, the thickness of the door panel is 22mm, and the patented splicing technology is used to better prevent cracking. The unique surface treatment process ensures that the door panels are resistant to heat, steam and contamination for a long time.

Special reminds that due to cost considerations, cheap small brand solid wood cabinets generally do not use good wood, and the production process of small manufacturers is relatively backward, although the appearance does not see any difference, but the actual use of the door when the heat resistance, durability is more difference.

Each of the above four kinds of door panels has its own characteristics, and the style of the cabinets that match them is different. The crowd and requirements are not the same. Everybody should decide on the combination of their own budget, usage requirements and decoration style.

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