He was not seriously injured in the passenger seat

Yesterday at 0:25 in the morning, a car accident occurred at the intersection of Desheng Road, Hangzhou. A no-load 107 bus crashed into a white public vehicle that was not yet on the board. The two men on the car were slightly injured.

At the scene of the incident, the front bumper of the bus and the broken bumper were damaged. The damage of the public car was relatively serious. All the right side of the car body was sunken in. The roof of the car was protruding, the windshield was broken, and both airbags were ejected.

Yesterday, the reporter learned that the driver of the public car was named Zhu, 24 and was from Henan. He is currently working in a company in Hangzhou. Sitting in the driver's seat is the hometown of Xiao Zhu, Mr. Hao, 50 years old. According to informed sources, Mr. Hao came to Hangzhou shortly afterwards and plans to come to work in Hangzhou.

Shortly after the incident, Xiao Zhu and Mr. Hao were sent to Airport Road 117 Hospital.

Yesterday, doctors on duty told reporters that Xiao Zong’s injuries were lighter. The main injuries were head and neck, but they did not cause serious illness and they had already been transferred to general wards. Mr. Hao was seriously injured. As of noon yesterday, he was still in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). There were three major injuries: lung contusion, brain injury, and multiple rib fractures.

Yesterday, 120 emergency week doctors revealed on Weibo: The man in serious injury in the car was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident. In this way, the two were injured. The first-aid driver who was not wearing a seat belt was critically ill. Please drive slowly. Do not look at the car in the middle of the night. According to our experience, car accidents in the latter part of the night are serious. Remember to wear a seatbelt. In this case, the front passenger seat belt was behind the injured person and there was no protection. The scene was very miserable.

At this time in the early morning, Xiao Zhu took Mr. Hao to do it? How did you hit it? In this regard, in the general ward of the small all silent. The family members told the reporter that it was as if the car was just under the elevated platform and was hit by the intersection.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the company that owned the 107 bus. The manager of the company told reporters that there was indeed an accident. “At that time, the 107-way driver traveled from south to north, and when he reached the intersection with Desheng Road, it was a normal green light. At that time, a white VW car that was traveling from west to east appeared and the bus crashed. The taxi driver who passed the scene reflected that it should be the red light of the car. At present, the two injured, the injuries are stable."

The specific cause of the accident, the traffic police department is still a detailed investigation.

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