How to calculate the usage of tiles

In home renovations, if you want to save on tiles and reduce the cost, it is necessary to calculate the amount of tiles to be used before buying tiles. Tiles can be sold in blocks, or sold in square meters, so there are two ways to calculate the use of tiles:

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● Calculated according to the number of blocks:

Decoration area ÷ Each tile area × [1+3% (loss)] = amount of tiles needed for decoration

●According to the area:

The number of square tiles required for decoration +5% leftovers +5% margin = amount of tiles required for renovation

Too lazy to count or calculate well with a special calculator - brick wall Calculator Calculator

Tile application aids

The auxiliary materials used for paving ceramic tiles are: ordinary cement, white cement, medium sand, 107 glue, etc. When paving the wall tiles, 11 kg of ordinary cement, 33 kg of medium sand, and 2 kg of lime paste are required.

Ground tile requires 12.5kg of ordinary cement, 34kg of medium sand, and 0.5kg of white cement per square meter.

Formula cement home decoration tile adhesive

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