How to improve fertilizer utilization rate

Fertilizer efficiency can be expanded from the following ways:

(1) Let the farmers' friends know the importance of scientific fertilization, master the techniques of balanced fertilization, formula fertilization, and improve the level of scientific fertilization.

(2) pay attention to soil testing work to gradually establish a soil index system of fertilization. Promote soil testing and formula fertilization technology, according to the characteristics of the soil in various places, carry out targeted fertilization, to achieve the effect of "fat and no waste" and "should be lack of filling".

(3) Promote the use of potash fertilizer, promote the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients by crops, and increase the yield and quality of crops.

(4) Promote straw returning technology and increase the application of organic fertilizer, which is conducive to improving soil organic matter.

(5) Implement rotation and interplanting. Improve the effect of fertilization.

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