How to manage the plumeria? Plumeria management method

Plumeria management method:

Water quantity control

Plumeria is a plant that is afraid of cockroaches, so be sure to pay attention to the method of watering. Do not pour more water at a time. You can pour a few times more water, especially in the autumn 1-2 days to see the soil dried and then watered to ensure the frangipani Moisture control.


Plumeria is a plant that likes sunlight, so the sun must be sufficient. Only reasonable temperature can ensure the better growth of the plumeria. If the plumeria is not exposed to sunlight, be sure to move the eggpot under the sun. Guarantee the better growth of the plumeria.

Fertilization technology

Frangipani must pay attention to reasonable fertilization, in order to ensure better growth of plumeria, then how to fertilize reasonably? When frangipani is in the upper basin or the basin, be sure to add superphosphate to the soil. In May and October, every time half a month, you can apply a decomposed organic fertilizer to ensure the nutrients needed for the growth of the plumeria.

Pest control:

The pests and diseases of the frangipani are generally not much, mainly the pustules or powders that are prone to orange on the back, so it is necessary to use the targeted agent + high-fat membrane for prevention and treatment.

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