How to properly spray pesticides can reduce their cost

In recent years, with the development of agriculture , the industry of pesticides has also been continuously developed, and the types of pesticides are also increasing. It is also very important to increase the awareness of farmers using pesticides today, how to use agricultural drugs safely and effectively. Of course, the rational application of pesticides in production can greatly reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.
1, symptomatic medication, timely medication. First of all, it is necessary to accurately identify the types of pests and diseases, determine the key control targets, and select appropriate pesticide varieties and dosage forms according to the occurrence period and degree of occurrence. To prevent and treat diseases, spray protective agents before the disease occurs. After the disease occurs, spray the therapeutic agent. To control diseases, we must grasp the principle of first protection and treatment, seize the best timing of application, and continue to use drugs several times to achieve good results.
2. Rational use of drugs. In the case of ensuring the control effect, do not blindly increase the dose, concentration and frequency of application, and excessive application is highly susceptible to phytotoxicity. In the effective concentration range, low-concentration drugs should be used as much as possible for prevention and control. The number of prevention and treatment should be determined according to the residual effect period of the drug and the degree of occurrence of pests and diseases.
3, pay attention to the method of application. Different dosage forms of pesticides should be applied differently. Generally, emulsions and wettable powders are mainly sprayed and poured; powders are mainly sprayed; granules are mainly applied by spreading or deep foundation; and liquid absorbing agents are sprayed, sprayed, poured, coated Stems can be.
Pesticides with different mechanisms of action should also adopt different methods of application to achieve the highest control effect. According to the occurrence of the disease, the activity of the pests and different pesticide dosage forms, different application methods and application time are selected.
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