New furniture is accused of exceeding the standard of formaldehyde shopping malls: if the true test exceeds the standard will refund

Recently, Mr. Ying complained to reporters that the formaldehyde in the “Ou Shun” furniture purchased in Dongming Furniture Plaza exceeded the standard. When the reporter interviewed on the spot, the mall expressed its willingness to ask the authorities to check. If the formaldehyde exceeded the standard, it would be returned and compensated for the loss. Mr. Ying said that his family bought furniture such as beds and chest of drawers at the “Ou Shun” shop in Dongming Furniture Plaza at the end of last year, totaling 7,000 yuan. After that, there is a formaldehyde smell in the house. When he invited the relevant agencies to test the indoor air, the results of the "indoor air quality test report" showed that the formaldehyde exceeded the standard by more than twice. Mr. Ying believes that the indoor air formaldehyde exceeds the standard due to the furniture, and the merchant is required to pay 3,000 yuan, which is rejected by the merchant. The reporter saw the "indoor air quality test report" on the spot, and the formaldehyde content in the report was indeed as Mr. Ying said. The relevant person in charge of Dongming Furniture Plaza and the “Ou Shun” in the square also read the report, but they did not recognize it. They believe that the formaldehyde content of furniture cannot be judged by detecting indoor air. They requested that the authoritative and professional testing institutions should conduct inspections. If the test results prove that the formaldehyde purchased by Mr. Ying is excessive, he is willing to return the furniture sold and compensate the corresponding losses according to relevant laws and regulations. Xu Guanrong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, told reporters that the detection of formaldehyde content in furniture cannot be used to detect the formaldehyde content in the indoor air of furniture, and other professional methods are applied. It is understood that Dongming Furniture Plaza has been sent to visit the door on May 31, and the dispute has not yet reached an agreement.

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