NSK bearing ring forming processing methods and matters needing attention

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NSK bearing ring forming processing methods and matters needing attention

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-03-29

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Despite the many types of NSK bearings; their layout type; public service level; data selection and processing methods are different; but the basic production process includes the following:
1; parts manufacturing bearing - bearing parts view - bearing parts demagnetization; cleaning; rust - bearing installation - bearing products view - bearing products demagnetization; clearance - bearing oil packaging products silo.
2; bearing ring is an important part of NSK; due to a variety of NSK bearings; bearing ring planning; layout of different types; equipment used; skills and methods are different. Together; due to the ring making process and The process is more complicated; the demand accuracy is high; so NSK's fine bearing processing quality ring; the service life and function have a serious impact.
It is necessary to make the demagnetization amplitude of the NSK bearing product in the demagnetizer as large as possible and the amplitude attenuation can be slow; Professor pointed out that the following points should be emphasized:
1. The products cannot be piled up during demagnetization. If they are piled together, the outer product will act; thus the demagnetization amplitude of some products in the center will be reduced.
2. The axis of the product should be straight with the magnetic line of the demagnetizer 2. Since the bearing product is like an annular conductor; if its axis is parallel to the magnetic field line; it is equivalent to adding a short-circuit ring in the demagnetizer; the magnetic field generated by this short-circuit ring happens to be The demagnetizing field is reversed; thus, the demagnetization amplitude experienced by the product is greatly reduced.
3. The speed of the product leaving the demagnetizer should be slower. The magnetic field attenuation during demagnetization is done when the product leaves the demagnetizer; if it is too fast, it is equal to the attenuation too fast.
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