Pump structure and structural features

Pumps in the water treatment, instrumentation, health care, automatic control, bio-engineering, chemical analysis and other fields have a significant role, so in recent years on the pump research has been more and more people The pump structure and structural features are often the first place to start the study, then we use the pump structure and structural characteristics of how it is presented? Then let the pump network in Asia for you to introduce several pump structural drawings and structural features: Pump structural drawing and structural features 1, N-type pumping pump: pump than the average smaller NPSH, mainly for Thermal power plant to send low-pressure heater with hydrophobic, but also transport temperature below 105 ℃ water purposes. 2, W series water jet pump: Water jet is a vacuum pumping, condensing, drainage and other three kinds of effective mechanical devices. It is the use of a certain pressure of water flow through a symmetrical uniform distribution into a certain side of the nozzle angle spray. 3, SK cantilever water ring pump: As in the work process, the gas compression is isothermal, in the suction with a corrosive, flammable, explosive gas is not prone to danger, so its application is more extensive. Self-priming clear water pump with self-priming function, the pipeline does not need to install the end of the valve, before work just to ensure that the pump body has a fixed amount of fluid can have a "drainage, lifelong self-absorption" function. Structural drawings are often the most direct means of performance equipment, especially those who appear in our life is relatively small probability of equipment even more so, for friends who want to understand the pump, the pump structure can fully demonstrate the product structure Characteristics and working principle and so on. Through the above Asian pump network for everyone to share, hope can provide help for the user's work. Reminder: coincides with the Father's Day approaching, all employees in Asia Fluid Network wish: all the world's dads, happy holidays! To this end, Asia Fluid Network also portrait of the introduction of "Father Love march" [Father's Day special planning feature], to those who are struggling fathers, send a warm blessing! Welcome to "Father's Day" Home Page: This article belongs to Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the author and source: http://beng.liuti.cn/ (service hotline: 400- 6030-811)

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