Select safe to identify 9 shower styles

Which of the 2 shower room frames is better?

Frame shower room

The shower room is made of “aluminum frame+tempered glass+base fittings”. The aluminum frame supports the whole frame like a skeleton.

Advantages: The fixed glass is more stable, no frequent replacement of parts, and a relatively long service life.

Disadvantages: old style, easy to dirty, clean up troubles, leaks easily when sealing is not strict.

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Frameless shower room

It is a relatively popular product in recent years. The aluminum frame is used to replace the glass and the glass is waterproofed and linked with a waterproof strip.

Advantages: Simple, stylish, can make the bathroom space look more transparent and refreshing.

Disadvantages: The waterproof rubber strip is easy to be aged and needs to be replaced regularly. The hardware does not contact the glass in a large area like the aluminum frame. If the installation is not good, it is prone to uneven force and it is more prone to self-explosion.

Recommended index: ★★★☆☆

What are the differences between the 3 common shower rooms?

Non-standard shower room

Mainly based on the actual situation within the user's home to measure, custom, material selection, style, size, accessories can be adjusted according to user needs, relatively long purchase cycle, more in line with their own needs.

Applicable to the family: bathroom space is not standard, sanitary ware budget is limited, ventilation is better, the style, style requirements of the family is not high.

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Standard shower room

Is unified production by the business, selection, style, size, accessories have a certain specification standards, but also with the chassis, racks and other items. Complete set purchase, easy to save, safety is also relatively high.

Applicable to the family: the space is relatively moderate, work is relatively fast, and more emphasis is placed on the safe use of products.

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Smart shower room

Also known as the computer steam room, is based on the standard shower room, add bath, audio, massage, sauna, steam and many other intelligent settings, need electricity, not only has a chassis, but also a top cover, will not use water vapor after , And with exclusive exhaust facilities, overall integrity. If you plan to use it, be sure to leave outlets when arranging utilities, and watch out for moisture.

Applicable to the family: bathroom space is relatively large, there is ample budget for sanitary ware, like to enjoy a comfortable bathroom family.

Recommended index: ★★☆☆☆

4 kinds of classic shower room style how to choose?

The most common screen-shaped (figure) shower enclosure

Applicable family: narrow bathroom space, shower area just occupy a wall or at the corner, almost 40 - 50% of families will use this style of product. The price is relatively affordable, no need to match the chassis, just add a water barrier on the ok.

Easy-to-handle square (rectangular, rectangular) shower enclosure

Applicable to the family: The bathroom area is founder and the space is large enough for the family to use this type of shower room. It has enough space inside and will not affect the normal bathing. It is also more convenient to clean than other models.

Space-saving diamond shaped shower enclosure

For the family: If the bathroom is small, then you can choose the diamond-shaped shower room. It happens to occupy a corner position. The design can not only allow people to use it comfortably inside, but also allows for easy access to outside space.

圆弧 Shaped arc (half-arc, fan-shaped, drop-shaped) shower enclosure

Applicable to the family: This style of shower room is stylish, changeable, large, small, suitable for different spaces in the bathroom, often by the love of Americans. The classmate who chooses it will be equipped with a suitable chassis. It will look more integrated, and the curved tempered glass will be more expensive than ordinary flat glass, so the overall shape may be higher.

Sanitary ware purchase space glass socket simple

Shower Sealing Strip is a unique concept that closes the gap between the shower screen/ glass panels, one of the easiest way to prevent water damage in your bathroom. A range of Shower Seals and Threshold made from high quality vinyls, available in transparent variations with the strength allows for a long lasting seal.



1. Material: PVC / PVC+ Magnet

2. Sealing Strip for shower door & bath screens: Glass to Wall or Glass to Floor

Translucent shower seals with soft bubble seal for interfaces between the bottom edge of the glass door and shower tray / top of the bath (horizontally) or between the wall and the edge of the glass door (vertically)

3. Glass Thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm

4. Length: 2200mm, can easily be cut to the required length , accept customized length

5. Application: Suits Shower enclosure, Bath Screen or Wet Room


Sealing Strip

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