Study of Polycarbonate Alloys

Polycarbonate-carbonate polymer and plastic stomach carbonate, a polymer whose repeating structural unit of molecular chain is carbonic acid ester, has high impact strength, high creep resistance and good dimensional stability, heat-resistant transparent, low water absorption, non-toxic dielectric properties. The merits of being excellent, such as prisoners, are very widely used. However, there are also increases. Ding. Poor flowability, easy stress cracking, notch-sensitive, wear-resisting, chemical resistance, poor anvilability, low price, etc., make it difficult to apply in many fields. To modify it is to make up for its lack of performance, to achieve high performance, to reduce production costs, and to broaden applications. The effective way of the field. 1 The main way of modification is to blend with other polymers, to add glass fiber inorganic fillers, etc. It is modified by copolymerization. Which will be blended with other polymer modification is the most widely used pre-chip research, alloy, alloy is a generic term for polycarbonate and polyolefin juice 1 alloy, with low melting point high fluidity that is modified 1 can be reduced The melt-viscosity of blends improves the stress resistance and stress cracking resistance of molded parts, improves impact strength and elongation at break, and reduces product costs.

Mouth-day blends 31 and so on, different types and different brands have different effects on the structure and properties of the blends. Because the molecular structure and polarity of the trays vary greatly, the compatibility of the trays is poor. Therefore, an effective blending method must be used to improve the compatibility of the trays so that an excellent blend can be prepared. For compatibilization, the 7-blend compatibilizers include the grafts such as allyl bisphenol ether grafted 1 propane 1 grafted allyl bisphenol ether acrylic copolymers mainly vinyl acrylic 8, Copolymers and oximes, 10. Oxygen-functional copolymers such as copolymers of ethylene butyl acrylate glycidyl methacrylate double compatibilizers such as sodium salt of polyhydroxy bisphenol ether and ethylene methacrylic acid copolymers 1 叩8660 Compatibilization between the two compatibilizers, the compatibility between the blends is very left, and compatibilizers must be added to improve the compatibility of the coexistence system. The compatibilizers used were mainly grafts such as lanthanum in the Sino-Canada people's Xianping, and the blending system's performance and compatibility were significantly improved. At 17 o'clock, it exceeded 50. The impact strength of blends decreased and the 25.36 treated glass fibers were added. The impact strength and bending strength of the blends were greatly improved.

A station acrylic shrunk!å’• å’• school; cooked 1 can make the average size of the domain of the North Mixture System of Yiyi reduced from 2 to 34! In the following, the temperature of the final product in the blend system 1 is 580 higher than that of the intermediate system. This is related to the formation of the blending process. The performance of the alloy, the mouth and the Japanese alloy is much lower than that obtained by blending with the Xian 3, and the properties of the alloy can make up for the deficiency of the single-component material and achieve the effect of complementing each other. Yang alloy has better fluidity than pure one, plus butyl. Improved performance, reduced product sensitivity to stress and production costs, can be replaced in some areas of application, compared with the 5, its heat resistance and impact resistance can be improved, can replace the disc 5 for more harsh conditions field.

The addition of the compatibilizer can improve the compatibility of the blended system, reduce the size of the disperse phase, and improve the capacity of the blend. The compatibilizer of the blend system has a disc 5 connected. Branches 5. Grafting of the kings and the bifurcating agent 7 alloy liquid polymer. , The increase in melt viscosity can reduce the internal stress environment sensitivity and improve the mechanical properties of the blend in the range of the turbulence = 1 1 blend system, 1., can reduce the melting of the blend Bulk Viscosity, Increased Blend Tensile Strength, and Flexing Die 1. The reason for the in-situ recombination at 1 blending.

Take 1876,1! Polycarbonate, and thermotropic liquid crystal copolymers are used as compatibilizers to increase the viscosity of the graft copolymers. When the volume expansion elongation of the compatibilizer increases, the phase interface becomes blurred. Refined to a certain degree, eased the agglomeration of scattered buckles caused by forced blending for a long time.

In 1 plus artificial. It can effectively reduce the viscosity of the conjugates and improve the molding processing performance. At the same time, the fiber-forming effect of the liquid crystal polymer in the direction of flow can improve the tensile strength of the blends. The blending system is currently the most popular research direction and part. Compatible blends can retain both the heat resistance and the solvent resistance and stress crack resistance of the blends. And changed the system's liquidity.

For the dry, one-component blending system, the temperature of the additive in the dispersed phase of the blended system has a greater influence on the behavior of cadaver crystals and the transesterification between the two components. The researchers used a twin-screw extruder to prepare 1 æ±´ 17 blends to study the behaviors of the shuttles and the finished products. The lower the score, the smaller the particles dispersed and the stronger the inhibitory effect on the final product.

In addition, the addition of the first component such as compatibilizer elastomer nucleating agent and filler in the blending system can improve the performance of the blend. Research has been verbose! Two elastomers were added to the system. The blends have good mechanical properties and molding processability. The light-emitting edge of the resulting product has potential applications in the research of the Kenting well mixing system. Oil resources. Protecting the environment has great practical significance.

Polycarbonate 4 other polymer blends are effective cadaver segments that reduce the production cost of the product. Future developments should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) How to improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of polycarbonate alloys (2) How to improve the performance of carbonation and brewing carbonates such as high-flow polycarbonate and high-temperature water degradation thermal degradation of poly carbonate Ester; 3 Develop properties or blends with special properties. , 1 Fan Wen, etc., sour rejuvenation study Turk, Jiangxi Wan Zai Hui Ming Chemical Co., Ltd. Excellent supply of ultrafine powder white carbon particles diameter 31. matting agent matte powder particle diameter 1 claw. Dedicated to the baby rubber glass tolerance JM board resistance will be real ship

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