Talking about the Installation of Unipolar Safety Slip Line

On the installation of unipolar safety wireline:

Before installing the trolley wire, first fix the angle bracket according to the installation type selected by the user, and fix it according to the hanging distance of the trolley wire. Put a slippery wire on every 4.5 meters (weight 6 type 6 meters) on the installation site. The required suspension seat and one end of both end joints jacket, and one end is equipped with an aluminum joint. When installing aluminum joints, it should be noted that only the aluminum rail can be inserted into the joint 1/2 and left to connect with another rail. , After the above work is ready, and then one by one on the trolley wire hanging on the bracket, all the connection, the connection should be tightened each connector screw. When the length of the trolley line exceeds 150 meters (200 meters in weight type III), a telescopic device (telescopic equipment supplied by the factory) should be added. When the power cable is connected to the cable, it can be connected at a joint of every 4.5 meters. Specific connection method can refer to the front connector device diagram.

When installing a curved trolley line, the suspension distance should be shortened accordingly. The specific dimensions can be determined according to site conditions.

In the installation of the conductive device, the conductive device is first mounted on the matching square tube, and the appropriate position matched with the trolley line is selected to be fixed on the electric equipment. Attention should be paid to the excellent tracking performance of the conductive device and the trolley wire. With good contact ability, the conductor and trolley wire should be installed in the same vertical and horizontal direction.

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