The choice of sink is the most important for your home

Today's home improvement projects are no longer merely for the purpose of satisfying the unique conditions of aesthetics, comfort, durability, etc., but are a comprehensive manifestation of many aspects, multiple perspectives, different tastes, and different styles. Therefore, it was said that from the decoration of the living room, the owner’s career achievements can be seen; from the decoration of the kitchen, the owner’s quality of life can be seen. The most frequently used living room is the sofa. The most commonly used object in the kitchen is the sink. Let reporters help everyone choose a suitable sink, and start to beautify life from the lit kitchen.

Artificial stone sink expensive

Nowadays, many young consumers pay great attention to the overall color tone during the home improvement process. They like to use bright and colorful colors as the main colors of the decoration. The kitchen decoration is no exception. This type of consumer may wish to compare some artificial stone sinks when choosing a sink, because this kind of sink is rich in color, vivid and vivid, it is easy to match the overall color of the kitchen, so that the kitchen can achieve harmony and unity in terms of color and style. .

However, it should be noted that, in the daily use of this kind of material, the surface of the sink is easily scratched or worn, and the aesthetics of the sink should be considered for practicality. There are also some high-end sinks, which are artistic and decorative, but they are expensive and not widely available on the market, and they are not suitable for mass consumption.

Stainless steel bestseller

The reporter visited some of Beijing's home stores and found that the sink products sold on the market mainly include stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, and other material sink products. Through the placement and sales ratio of various materials, it can be seen that stainless steel sinks are The market occupies a near-monopoly position, and the reporter learned from the sales staff of these products: "The stainless steel sinks are also sold well. Stainless steel (sinks) are generally chosen. Artificial stone sinks are generally required. Talent selection."

At the same time, the reporter learned that the sales price of stainless steel sinks sold on the market ranged from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. As for why there is such a large gap in prices, Prof. Yang Changqiang of the Stainless Steel Branch of the Special Steel Association told reporters that since stainless steel is An alloy whose content of various metals varies, such as nickel, chromium, manganese, etc., will affect the retail price. In addition, the production process of stainless steel sinks, sheet thickness, and product size are important factors in determining prices.

Try to choose a well-known brand

According to Yang Changqiang, stainless steel sinks sold in the market are mostly made of 304 steel plates, and also made of 202 and 201 stainless steels. Simply speaking from these types of models, 304 is better than 202, 202 is better than 201, and the price is naturally high. It is low. However, most of the vendors on the market today claim that their products are made of 304 steel plates, and the same plate of 304 steel still has a big difference in composition.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of steel products from finished products. Even professionals are difficult to identify without the use of instruments. Therefore, Yang Changqiang advises consumers to try their best to choose products with large well-known brands and try their best to select brands that can issue product quality certification certificates.

Tips for picking a good sink

Since consumers can't identify the good or bad of stainless steel materials themselves, how should consumers choose? Yang Changqiang suggested that consumers may wish to start with other factors that determine the price of stainless steel sinks, such as the size of the sink, the thickness of the sheet, the depth of the sink, and the manufacturing process.

1. The size of the sink is determined by the kitchen space. In general, the larger the sink volume, the higher the price, but when consumers choose, they can't just buy big ones. They should choose according to the actual size of the kitchen and choose a single basin, double basins or multiple basins.

2. Do not pursue thick plates. The thickness of the plate is currently mostly 0.8-1.2 mm on the market. The sales staff of the Molin sink told the reporter, “Our sinks here are 1.0 (millimeter) or more, and several are 1.2 (millimeter) thick. , Very strong.” And Yang Changqiang told reporters that the choice of stainless steel sink, although the thickness is very important, but can not blindly pursue the thickness of the plate, under normal circumstances, 1.0 mm thick sink plate enough to use. Too thick, too high strength is not necessarily a good thing, such as when the bowl is accidentally dropped into the sink, the result is that the sink is too hard to break the bowl.

3. The sink depth depends on the cabinet space. The groove depth is also an important factor that affects the price. The deeper the slot is, the higher the cost is. However, consumers should pay attention to the space of the cabinet when buying. In addition, the greater the space inside the water tank, the higher its utilization, and the utility of such a sink is also better.

4. The production process is also about the price. What kind of technology is used on the surface of the sink, such as drawing, polishing, pearl silver, etc., and the price will vary. Yang Changqiang believes that the sink made by the polishing process is relatively poor in abrasion resistance; the brushed product performs much better in this respect. The pearl silver sink looks high, but the process is not easy to identify, for example, only the product with a silver coating on the surface is not as good as an ordinary stainless steel sink.

In addition to the production process, Yang Changqiang also stressed that the flatness and smoothness of the surface of the sink are the established factors for selecting a good sink, and should be flat and smooth, and should not be selected if the surface is warped or uneven.

5. Use a magnet for inspection. Yang Changqiang reminded that although magnets cannot determine the quality of stainless steel products, non-magnetic cannot be identified as good stainless steel, but magnetic ones are certainly not good steels.

6. The accessories are small and important. Another important factor in choosing a sink is the accessories. The good or bad parts of the spare parts are directly related to the cost of future maintenance. The sealing degree and corrosion resistance of the water pipes are the main factors that determine whether the water leaks in the future; there is no steel ball positioning at the water outlet. Squeeze-type seals, console-controlled dewatering (that is, a device with a knob on the sink counter to control the sealing or draining device), overflow outlet devices, and silencer series devices are all standards to measure the quality of accessories. All need special attention.

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