The heat insulation effect of aluminum alloy doors and windows is not determined by its thickness

[China Aluminum Network] experts said that the insulation effect of aluminum doors and windows is not determined by its thickness.

On hot days, even if the air conditioner is turned on, the indoor temperature cannot be lowered quickly. This situation may be caused by the insulation of your home's aluminum doors and windows.

Yesterday, the Chongqing Bureau of Quality Supervision released the announcement of the quality supervision and inspection of aluminum alloy building profiles in the second quarter of this year. The announcement shows that out of the 15 batches of products involving Jiulongpo District, Fuling District, Qujiang District, Wanzhou District, Tongliang District and Dianjiang County, 2 batches were found to be unqualified and failed. Both are related to the heat insulation effect, ie, the composite performance of the heat insulation profile: the longitudinal shear resistance (room temperature, high temperature) is not up to the standard.


The quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows, but off the quality of the experimental effect of heat insulation effect of aluminum alloy heat insulation profile is a commonly used materials for residential, office buildings, doors and windows. What is the effect of substandard insulation profiles on insulation?

In the test box subjected to a constant temperature treatment to 20°C, the experimenter conducted insulation test using two aluminum glazings of the same size. One of them uses an insulation profile with vertical shear characteristics, and the other uses a non-compliant insulation profile. The experimental results show that the temperature rise in one sealed space with another heat-resistant profile is not obvious when it is heated in one space; when a non-compliance heat-insulating aluminum alloy window is used, a closed space heats up to 50°C, and the other side The temperature also increased from 20°C to 39°C after 5 minutes.

Investigate the thicker the more aluminum alloy insulation Yesterday afternoon, Chongqing Morning Post reporter visited a number of aluminum alloy doors and windows store found that aluminum alloy doors and windows marketed, mainly based on the thickness of aluminum alloy to price.

Is this saying reliable? According to experts from the Material Center of the Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection, the heat insulation performance of aluminum alloy profiles mainly depends on the connection of profiles and heat insulation materials, and whether the quality of the heat insulation material itself is up to the standard. From the appearance point of view, there should be no aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains on the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and there should be no spilled adhesive at the assembly joints.

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