The integrity of the furniture industry is questioned, unqualified furniture companies will be exposed

Whether the quality of the furniture product is qualified can be inquired by clicking the mouse. The reporter learned from Lecong yesterday that the Chinese furniture quality inquiry network created by the local market safety supervision department will be officially operated next week. This year, more than 300 furniture manufacturers will be included in the system. The next step is to plan the whole country. Furniture companies are included in the network to ensure good quality for consumers. The reporter logged on the website yesterday and found that the website has publicized the registration information of some furniture companies and the relevant test reports on product quality. It is reported that other content will be further improved in the future, such as the situation of enterprises being complained by consumers, various commitments of enterprises, etc. will be publicized. “One of the important functions of establishing a website is to dynamically supervise whether there is any false propaganda in the enterprise.” Li Peiguang, deputy director of the Lecong Branch of the Shunde District Market Safety Supervision Bureau, told reporters in an interview yesterday that the purpose of establishing a website is to make good faith for consumers. Guan, will openly expose the untrustworthy enterprises and products, so as to continuously promote the company to improve product quality. At present, the network-entering enterprises will conduct data review, data quality inspection report and furniture source data from Lecong Town Collective Credit Brand Construction Committee, which will be supervised by the market safety supervision department. The core of the website is to introduce and establish furniture quality bar code management, establish bar code for furniture products, establish a database to fully grasp the information of products from production to sales, conduct dynamic supervision, and establish a system of traceability and recall and accountability. According to the plan, after the official launch of the China Furniture Quality Inquiry Network next week, the port will be moved forward, promoted in the production enterprises, and then expanded to the sales enterprises. It is expected that more than 300 companies will be covered by the end of this year, and the company will be free for the first year.

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For each power tool, there are usually two carbon brushes to choose from: With automatic stop and without automatic stop. Carbon brushes with automatic stop have a spring through the length of the carbon brush. When the carbon brush wears out, the spring gets released, the current to the carbon brush gets interrupted and your power tools switches off at once. The advantage: No additional wear and tear to your power tool. Carbon brushes without automatic stop do not stop functioning at once, but performance of your power tool will detoriate rapidly. Although handy as a warning sign, this usually isn't very beneficial to your power tool.

Black&Decker Carbon Brush

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