The most commonly used program operation method for smart electricity

Smart electricity is currently the national mandatory product to intelligently monitor the safety of electrical circuits. China's most well-known manufacturer is Lebird Cloud , which is made by Beijing Lebird Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Lebird Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.). Each program in the platform has its own characteristics. This article will talk about some of the most commonly used program operation methods.
First, message reminder
The message reminder will show the tasks that need to be processed and the related alarm messages. The staff only needs to click on a button named “View” to jump directly to the think processing interface or the alarm confirmation interface. The system also supports batches. Delete alarm information and confirm.
Second, hidden statistics
Hidden statistics use the form of a curve to show the number of hidden dangers in the current month's defense zone.
Third, map query
The program will display all the project information that can be queried by the intelligent electricity Security System in the form of a map and conduct real-time monitoring.
Fourth, equipment monitoring
It can be based on the identification of monitoring equipment within the smart electricity consumption area, count, city, and province. It can also display alarm records, equipment pictures, equipment details, equipment identification numbers, and so on.
1. Click on the “Device Details” button to display the detailed address, item ID, monitoring device, county, number, city, and province in the pop-up interface.
2. If you click “Alarm Log”, the alarm progress related to the safety management device, alarm time, and alarm description will be displayed in the popup screen.
Fifth, detector monitoring
According to the monitoring device display device picture, identification number, area filter, and detector ID there is a specific detector model. Clicking “Device Details” will display the history information, item ID, real-time information, monitoring device number, location, detector ID, and area in the pop-up interface.
Sixth, detector parameter settings
1. The system client can send a related parameter setting command to a single one of the monitoring devices.
2. The PC or mobile terminal can send a series of parameter setting commands to the specified management system monitoring host, so as to set the switching amount, leakage current, voltage, and temperature of a certain detector inside the monitoring device under the remote distance. The value of some of the parameters.

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