The “plagiarism wind” is getting worse and harder, and the furniture industry is struggling to protect its rights.

Nowadays, the words "imitation, plagiarism" appear in any industry. Of course, the home industry is no exception. With the increasing variety of styles, styles and types of furniture products, the plagiarism has also become more and more powerful in the development of the furniture industry. By "foreign name" to attract consumers' attention in the furniture market, we often find such a phenomenon, there are many "foreign name" furniture brands, and the advantages are more obvious than those of local brands. Faced with such a reality, an insider has revealed the truth about it. When a brand has a foreign name, it will make consumers mistakenly think that it is an imported product, or they will retreat to conceal their concept. And some of the brands we have seen on the market are produced in the United States, France, Italy, etc. In fact, many of them are domestically manufactured or registered in Hong Kong or abroad. And the purpose of doing this is nothing more than to enhance their own value. Similar to 80%, it is difficult to plagiarize the innovation of furniture products. In the furniture industry, product creation is very difficult, but counterfeiting is very easy. And those small enterprises pursue "takenism", and they follow the example of big companies and big brands, and even make people look at it at first glance. For such a phenomenon, many business owners have expressed great helplessness. For the new products in the furniture industry, at present, China only has the appearance protection policy, which needs to be detailedly determined by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, and then issues certificates and related review documents and patent numbers to the enterprises and products. However, this protection is very limited. It is limited to the appearance of the product, and the appearance of the product is only 80% or more, so that it can be truly confirmed as plagiarism or counterfeit the appearance of the product. Detailed regulations. At present, many furniture exhibitions or home exhibitions are forbidden to take pictures. It is nothing but a helpless way for furniture companies to avoid copying and imitating their products. Consumers are hard to get the "certificate" charm business into the certificate of environmental quality certification, famous trademarks, green environmental certification, such a certificate in the furniture market, consumers have long been common. And what are the roles of these certificates? An insider revealed such a secret. In fact, it is useless. Those certificates are just a cut-off, and some can even give you money, let alone check and supervise. Many of the issuing authorities on the market now do not have the qualification to issue certificates. However, such a certificate seems to still play a certain role. At present, many consumers still value the charm of these certificates.

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