The reason for NSK bearing heating and its cleaning method

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The reason for NSK bearing heating and its cleaning method

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-03-29

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The shaft parts of the machine tool; especially the main shaft; usually assembled with NSK bearings or plain bearings; and rotated at a high speed; sometimes high heat is generated. This phenomenon will not be swept in time; Overheating; and the thermal deformation of the corresponding part of the machine tool occurs; the spindle and the tailstock are not equal when severe; Professor Prof: This not only affects the accuracy and processing accuracy of the machine itself; it also burns the bearing.
So; what are the reasons for NSK bearing heating and its cleaning methods? The following professors analyze for us one by one:
1. Reason: Low bearing accuracy: Select the bearing with the accuracy level of the rule 2. The edge: the twist of the spindle or the hole of the box is different. Correct the spindle or the box 3. The reason: the belt is too tight: adjust the belt to make the elastic tight. Reason: Sleek bad method: select the smooth information of the regular trademark and be appropriate for hygiene. 5. Reason: Low installation quality: Improve installation quality. 6. Reason: Bearing inner casing running method: Replace bearing and associated wear parts 7. Axial force too Large method: clear and adjust the gap of the sealing ring ring. 0. 2~0. 3mm, correct the balance of the impeller and the static balance value. 8. Damage to the bearing: Replace the bearing.
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