Tiles most cost-effective procurement program

Although some designers have long been engaged in interior design work, but after all, a wide range of building materials to be used in a space, can not be detailed to understand, resulting in the choice of materials often feel at a loss, in the face of shopping guide Miss smile is the heart Drumming: People seem to be quite reasonable, but they think that the better they are, they will not be fooled. Is it trickery? This article from the perspective of building sanitary ceramics analysis, other building materials buying principle is also almost the same.

Tiles are very particular about the purchase, we must know that once the ceramic tile stuff is covered, if there is a problem, the consequences are very serious! The following list of issues must be clearly considered before the renovation. These problems often determine the type, size, price, and even the overall style of the home.

1, in the end shop what?

This question seems to be very idiotic, but it is the most basic, first of all you have to fully understand which space is suitable for which tiles! In fact, the key to this problem is not what to use, but how to match various materials. For example, some homeowners want to tile in the living room and select wood floors in the bedroom. This creates problems. If the living room is covered with ordinary vitrified tiles and the bedroom is laminated with laminate flooring, there will be a height difference of about 3cm between the bedroom and the living room. This is mainly due to the lack of keel under the laminate flooring.

So is it the choice of solid wood flooring in the bedroom? of course not. Usually, solid wood floors are installed by manufacturers and 3 x 2cm keels are used. If the size of the 5 x 4cm keel is best used for leveling with the tiles in the living room, the service terms for replacement keel of various floor manufacturers are different.

Therefore, we must fully communicate with the owners. After all, our purpose is to make the owners satisfied, understand the basic requirements of the owners, and then find the most appropriate program based on the owners' original ideas. If the owner wishes to choose the way to mix floor and floor tiles, he must plan well to avoid unnecessary troubles. Here are two basic collocations.

Tile + Laminate = Room with Flooring 3cm Height with Cement Mortar

Brick+Solid wood floor=5*4cm keel under the floor

2, how to choose how to better product specifications?

Is the shop 600? 800's? Or 1000 or other specifications? this is a problem! The current floor tiles, especially the floor tiles used in the living room, are mainly 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1 meter, among which the most used are 600mm and 800mm. How to choose? It is recommended to choose according to the area of ​​the paving and the placement of the furniture.

Since 600mm bricks per unit area have more bricks than 800mm bricks, the space can be expanded visually. At the same time, the waste rate when laying corners is lower than 800mm bricks, while the space is large 800. Even 1 meter bricks look atmospheric. Therefore, it is recommended that the space of less than 40 square meters be used to select 600mm floor tiles; and it is worth noting that if there are too many furniture (such as a bedroom) in the room, it is better to use 600mm floor tiles when covering large floors.

3, what kind of brick shop?

In the end, what kind of brick is it? Is it an antique brick or a polished brick? Rustic bricks are natural and soft. They have the advantage that they are unmatched in the retro style, especially in the parquet. At the same time, due to the protection of the surface glaze layer, the ability to resist dirt on tea, ink and even cigarette butts is also superior to vitrified tiles.

However, vitrified tiles are not without merit. With the development of technology, the vitrification and smoothness of vitrified tiles on the surface of vitrified tiles are already quite high. Not only can they make the living room look brighter, but they will never be glazed like glazed tiles due to collision and friction caused by external forces. . So what kind of brick should be selected according to the style you want to reflect, to be bright, the atmosphere to choose polished tiles, to be natural, warm to pick rustic tiles.

It is suggested that the living room and living room should be made of relatively limited choice of vitrified tiles, while the well-lit living room and non-slip kitchen and bathroom floors, balconies, etc. can be used for antique or other glazed tiles.

4. What is the difference between “Micro Crystal Jade”, “Micro Crystal Stone” and “Micro Crystal Diamond”?

A lot of people visiting the building materials city may be the most troublesome record tile name. What "microcrystalline jade", "microcrystalline stone", "microcrystalline diamond", "stunning stone", "polycrystalline jade", etc., in fact, we do not need to remember the names of these mouthwashes. What they describe is The same kind of thing - vitrified tiles, these names are just used by the manufacturer to distinguish the grade of the product and use it to further refine the market. When choosing, just stick to your budget and try your best to choose the product that suits you. Microcrystalline stone surface is very dazzling, but its hardness is only about 5 degrees Moh, not wear, not suitable for use on the ground, more suitable for dry hanging on the outside wall.

5, where to buy the most affordable tiles?

Most people think that the prices of ceramic tiles in supermarkets are much cheaper than those in building materials. Is this actually the case? not completely. Let's take a look at home building materials supermarkets, where the tiles are indeed very cheap, and some of the specials are even lower than the brand's market protection price. But please take a look at the labels - qualified products - no problem, really no problem? The cost of qualified products and superior products can be very different. And because of the low profits of supermarket sales, new-style tiles are often difficult to buy in supermarkets.

Look at the building materials city again, the price of ceramic tile is really amazing, try our original method - "the price" it, a lot of distribution of the same brand, more than a few markets, almost out of the market protection price, if you are good at This road can even reach below the protection price.

It is recommended to select the color in the building materials city, record the reserve price in the supermarket, and return to the transaction price of the building material city. Those who have experience, acquaintances (do not kill cooked), or have a lot of courage and money can go to the ceramic distribution center, that is, the total distribution of their own purchase. Of course, if a friend makes a sale in a ceramics factory, it would be best if he can definitely get the most affordable price.

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