True and False Wall Paint "Having Traces" Mastering Three Details Selecting Wall Paint

“I just bought a second-hand house and I plan to repaint the wall and check in. I didn’t expect to paint a wall paint but I’m in trouble. There are so many kinds of wall paint on the market. The effectiveness of publicity is also numerous. I really don’t know how to choose a wall. The paint brand”, Ms. Lin, who lives in Shijingshan District, is worrying about how to buy wall paint. There are a few readers who are worried about this. At present, there are many types and brands of wall paint on the market, and the prices and functions are far from each other. How to choose the right wall paint has become the confusion of many consumers.

Experts said that the purchase of wall paint should focus on the actual use of wall paint, such as wall paint quality, environmental performance, and other functional effects, does not require deliberate requirements.

Detail 1: The true and false wall paint "has traces to follow"

Although some inferior wall paints can be confused on the packaging, but through careful comparison, they can still find loopholes. Quan Fuquan said that the barrels of real-world wall paints have bar codes on them, that is, anti-counterfeiting codes. Consumers can enter bar codes through product-related websites. Determined, and fake and inferior wall paint, in general, will be "original exposed."

Once the bad wall paint is applied to the wall, it not only affects the appearance of the wall, but also directly affects human health. In particular, hazardous materials contained in wall paints, harmful substances in the inferior wall paints often exceed the standard, causing harm to the human body, such as excessive formaldehyde, can cause eye and throat irritation, cause skin allergies, and even cause asthma, lead, Excessive levels of heavy metals such as chromium and mercury are harmful to the nervous system, cardiovascular disease, and heredity.

Therefore, in the purchase of wall paint, be sure to buy environmentally friendly wall paint, Yan Fuquan said that the formal brand of wall paint must have environmental testing reports, when purchased, should require the business to produce test reports, preferably above the provincial level test The department’s recent (within half a year) national inspection report shows whether the environmental protection data of the wall paint has reached the national limit.

Details II: The date of manufacture is also the key

Inferior wall paint not only has poor environmental performance, but also has poor light perception, obvious graininess, and rough feel. Although high-quality wall lacquer can greatly reduce these problems, if wall lacquer expires, odor will float and the color will change. After wall lacquer and water are mixed, it cannot be completely dissolved in water, which will affect its use.

Experts emphasized that the shelf life of high-grade wall paints is generally relatively long, but in order to ensure the effectiveness of wall paints, when purchasing wall paints, in addition to checking the environmental protection test report, it is also necessary to pay attention to the wall paint's delivery time and shelf life. In addition, not all expired wall paints cannot be used. If the wall paints are found to have only expired for three or five days when they are used, they can still be used at a watering rate of 30%, that is, for every 10 litres of wall paint, against 3 litres of water. Some high quality wall paints can also water 40%.

Consumers can choose the thickness of the wall paint according to their preferences. After brushing the inferior wall paint, the paint film is relatively thin, and it is difficult to cover the putty and sandpaper marks left when the wall base layer is treated. In general, after the wall paint is applied, the paint film must be smooth, uniform, and free from traces of grass.

Details of the three: choose a wall paint light sense of stress

The color of the wall paint on the market is also varied. From the point of view of decorative effect, there are currently wall paints such as matt, matt, bright, semi-gloss, etc., and the price will also fluctuate slightly due to different brushing effects. Fu Quan indicated that the difference in labor cost when painting different types of wall paints is very small. In general, the gap is about 2 yuan per square meter.

After the matt wall paint was applied, the wall surface had a low light sensation, while the bright wall paint was applied. The wall light was more noticeable. At present, some consumers prefer to choose a light wall paint with high light sensitivity in order to purify the brightness of the living room. Allen Fuk said that when the sunlight and lighting are strong, the light wall paint will produce reflection, which will easily cause discomfort to human vision, matt and dull light. Or half-light wall paint is not easy to reflect, more suitable for indoor use.

In addition to the different light sensitivity of the wall paint itself, the difference in the brushing process can also result in different light sensitivity of the wall surface. If the wall paint is unevenly painted and the walls are uneven, the walls may have “shadows” or even “egg patterns” after painting. If a similar problem occurs, sand the wall and sand it evenly.

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