Twelve decoration details you must not ignore

Home renovation is very laborious, so the details of the renovation can not be ignored, especially for those who are busy every day, it is not much time to take into account, but decoration is obviously a major event, so we can not be taken lightly because There are a lot of details to pay attention to in the home decoration, the details can truly reflect the success of a home decoration. Next Xiaobian introduced 12 decoration details for everyone.

Twelve decoration details

1. Renovate the house as much as possible to consider more storage space, because wait until after the arrival will find more and more things to be installed, if you can plan early, it will not appear to be very messy at home.

2, it is recommended that the faucet is equipped with hot and cold water pipes, so that it is more convenient to use when it is time, if you want to remedy afterwards will be very troublesome, this has been experienced personally experienced people have a deep understanding.

3, do not try to buy cheap cheap hardware, bathroom hardware, faucet and the like, even if the appearance of good-looking, there are some differences in the internal materials, etc., after the replacement is very troublesome.

4, in the decoration more than some switch socket, do not wait for the completion of the renovation in the regret switch socket less, to consider how much equipment can be installed how much.

5, decoration, try not to stay less than rubbing the place, dead corner health is difficult to engage, or after the corner will become your daily war place.

6, the decoration of the room when the useless arrangement to the less the better, if installed to remove it on the trouble, sooner or later will be out of date!

7, regret the bedside forgot to install the switch, each time you need to get out of bed and turn off the lights, especially in the winter, you can't wait to have a remote control to control the lights.

8, there is a child is a family, we must first calculate the size in advance, beside the bed to set aside to put the position of the crib, or so after the baby, you will find the bedroom so narrow, but also all kinds of events Give your baby a free space.

9, do not install too much light at home, many simply do not use, both a waste of money and difficult to clean, it is often used that is a few, the other basic has become a useless display.

10, to buy the fine did not sell, to believe that the sky will not be for no reason to lose the pie. The decoration of a house is based on 10,000 yuan, or more to the market to see, to shop around.

11. If you like to go online, at least 2 network ports and 2 or more outlets are reserved on each wall of each room. Wireless routing can indeed solve the problem, but it is said that it is sometimes unstable.

12, the balcony wall decoration is best to use tiles, more waterproof and dirt than paint.

Editor's summary: The twelve details of the renovation are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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