Underfloor heating 8 attention to make the floor warmer and safer

Floor heating, also known as low-temperature radiation floor heating system, is to heat the floor by heating pipes or heating cables buried under the floor (floor surface temperature is generally between 18 °C -32 °C), from the floor to the room to radiate heat to achieve heating purpose. Floor heating is mainly used in radiation heating, in line with the human physiological experience, heating and comfortable, and at the same time, if used properly, it will be relatively economical and convenient, so in recent years it is very thin Chinese consumers sought after.

Floor heating can usually be divided into water heating and electric heating (heating cable, electric heating film, carbon crystal plate) from the heat source type. The installation should pay attention to the following issues:

1. Use marble, floor tiles or flooring as much as possible. If you choose wood flooring, you can only use composite flooring, solid wood flooring can not be used. Wood floor thermal stability is better, the water content is low, so that the floor is not easy to deform after heating; floor size is not easy to be thin, easy to narrow and not easy to wide, in order to facilitate the requirements of anti-deformation and conduction; flooring selected cushion is not easy to be too thick, To facilitate heat exchange and conduction. Must use formaldehyde and other harmful substances to release a small amount of floor, so as to avoid baking the floor to release more pollutants and endanger your health.

2. Try not to make large ornaments (such as carpets) on the floor. Do not place legless furniture, so as not to reduce the effective heat dissipation area and hot air flow, resulting in reduced thermal effects.

3. The floor does not display ordinary foam and plastic products. Because of poor thermal conductivity of these articles, it is easy to cause heat accumulation, and it is easy to produce harmful gases under the effect of long-term high temperature, which endangers the health of residents.

4. Open the floor heating system to slowly warm up, can not be rushed, the best one hour warming about 1 °C. Keep the floor clean and dry before warming to prevent cracking and cracking of the floor due to excessive heating.

5. Do not bump, hit the ground, or wedge any sharp objects on the ground. The floor of the floor heating pipe laid under the ground is only about 3-4 cm away from the floor. If you do not pay attention to the warm floor, you can easily injure the floor.

6. Water supply temperature is not too high. Since the floor heating system is a low-temperature radiant heating method, the water supply temperature cannot easily exceed 60° C., and the working pressure of the heating system is not easily exceeded. Otherwise, it will not only cause uncomfortable heating problems, but also severely reduce the service life of the entire system. In this regard, consumers can also choose to use some automatic control system devices, that is, floor heating water cooling system. Point heating as long as the use of thermostat control on it.

7. It is best to do environmental protection inspection after floor pavement. Due to the use of the floor laminate flooring as a floor heating system, there is a problem of formaldehyde emission itself, and when it is used as a geothermal floor, after heating, furniture of formaldehyde is released. Therefore, after the geothermal floor is laid, it must be checked for environmental protection to ensure that the free formaldehyde emission reaches the standard. Can not afford to buy cheap bargain prices, or endless trouble!

8. Use professional brands and excellent products. Choose a professional, competent and regular company, and do not try to find small vendors and mobile vendors. The floor heating industry is known as “three-point product and seven-point installation”. Floor heating is a systematic project. From the design of the project, product selection, construction and installation to after-sales service, professional personnel are required to design and operate, if a The links are out of order, the maintenance will be very difficult, the project will be arduous and complicated, and even affect the normal use of the entire heating system, or greatly reduce the service life of the entire system. Not only this, but also buried in the use of later systems Energy consumption, increase the use of the hidden risks.

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