What are the polyurethane exterior wall insulation? Polyurethane product features

The invention of a new technical product polyurethane brings comfort to the far north people to the cold winter. It can keep the outer wall warm, so that the outside wind is not only blocked, but also the heat is kept. The heat conduction of the house is one by one, one layer The first layer slowly arrived in the house, not only not cold but also warm, then let Xiaobian take everyone to look at the wonderful introduction of the relevant content of polyurethane exterior wall insulation .



1. Unique water impermeability:

Pu hard foam is a dense microporous foam with a closed cell ratio of over 92%. It has a smooth self-skinning and is an excellent impervious material. Direct foaming technology is used in the construction to make the Pu hard foam layer not spelled. The overall formation of the seam is impervious to water, which fundamentally eliminates the possibility of roofing water going deeper along the seam.

The Pu hard foam layer can be firmly bonded to the base layer, and the bonding strength can exceed the tear strength of the foam itself, so that the Pu rigid foam is integrated with the base layer, and delamination is less likely to occur, thereby preventing water from penetrating between the layers. These features are not available in many waterproof membranes, so the waterproof function of Pu rigid foam is unique.

2, heat insulation, insulation performance is good, energy saving effect is significant.

The thermal conductivity of Pu hard foam is low, and the insulation and heat insulation effect is good, which is unmatched by any other roof insulation material. Pu hard foam is used in general residential buildings to make waterproof and heat-insulating roofs, which are only one-third the thickness of traditional materials, and the thermal resistance is nearly three times that of them.

3. The roof load is light.

Pu hard foam has small density and light weight, so the roof load is light. The load on the roof support plate is more than one quarter of the traditional roofing method. This is very important to improve the overall structure of the house and reduce the project cost. More suitable for large-span, thin-shell roofing construction.

4, construction is convenient, the progress of the project is fast

Pu hard foam roof is on-site foam molding, the process equipment is simple, easy to operate, can be sprayed or poured, can be used in any complex roof construction work, usually 3-4 people operation, can spray more than 20 cubic meters per day, press The thickness of the sprayed layer is 30 mm. It can spray more than 700 square meters per day, which is ten times better than laying traditional materials. It also reduces labor intensity, improves the working environment and reduces environmental pollution.


The foaming expansion volume of Pu hard foam liquid material is 15-18 times, so the transportation amount of raw materials is small. According to statistics, the use of traditional materials can reduce the transportation cost of vehicles by more than 80%, and the workload of vertical transportation classes is greatly reduced at the construction site.

5. The project quality is good and the service life is long.

Pu hard foam excellent water impermeability, heat insulation and lightweight properties laid the foundation for high-quality roofing engineering. After the Pu hard foam spraying is completed, a layer of polymer synthetic paint is sprayed on the Pu hard foam to protect Pu hard foam and waterproof.

This fundamentally solves the problem of the most prominent roof penetration in the current housing construction. Traditional roof insulation materials are easy to absorb water and absorb moisture. The conventional waterproof membranes have a very short service life and must be regularly repaired and replaced. The service life of the bubble can be more than 10 years, and the maintenance cost saved during this period is very considerable.

How to read the wonderful introduction to the insulation of polyurethane exterior wall, is it a clearer understanding of the insulation of polyurethane exterior wall, I hope you can benefit a lot, and you will be able to create a more perfect home living environment, well. Today, the introduction of Xiaobian is here. Thank you for your reading of this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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