What are the top ten brands of wallpaper? Wallpaper top ten brand features

What are the top ten brands of wallpaper, friends can find out in our article, what are the top ten brands of this wallpaper? Our small series introduces which brands of famous wallpapers are available, which can be convenient for friends to go to the market. Wallpaper, and what are the characteristics of our top ten brands in this wallpaper , our Xiaobian also made a summary for everyone, to facilitate friends' reference.


First, the characteristics of wallpaper

1. The color of the wallpaper is pure: When choosing the wall painting, in the coloring of the wall paint, it is inevitable that there will be a slight color difference, and the color tone of the brush to the wall is often not exactly the same as the original idea. The color of the wallpaper is always pure, because the wallpaper will not change color from the purchase to the wall, do not worry about the color difference.

2, the wallpaper health index is higher: latex paint is mainly composed of water, base (emulsion), pigment and filler, additives. Many components produce chemicals harmful to the human body after long-term contact with air, and latex paint releases formaldehyde gas.

Second, the wallpaper top ten brand introduction

1, St. Elephant (China famous brand, large group companies, wallpaper / wallpaper top ten brands).

3, Ouya (wallpaper / wallpaper top ten brands, foreign-owned large-scale wallpaper enterprises).

4, Bruce (wallpaper / wallpaper top ten brands, large wallpaper multinational company, 1954 Boston, USA).

5, Moman (wallpaper / wallpaper top ten brands, China's professional famous wallpaper and fabric brand).

6, Rouran (wallpaper / wallpaper top ten brands, China's leading professional wallpaper integration provider).


7. Aishe wallpaper, Jiangsu Aishe (Artshow) Wallpaper Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of domestic wallpapers. At present, the company's product varieties have covered a wide range of products from wallpaper to wall covering. After years of careful construction, Aishe Wallpaper has become the drafting unit of China National Wallpaper Quality Standard (GB18585-2001) and a wallpaper factory produced by international standards.

8, Yulan wallpaper, Guangdong Yulan wallpaper has always paid attention to the development of environmentally friendly products, the first in the domestic wallpaper industry to promote the use of 100% full-water-based environmentally friendly ink, the wallpaper / wall covering products are all produced using environmentally friendly technology and water-based inks, a veritable environmental protection wallpaper. → Representative products: Magnolia wallpaper non-woven abstract flower leaves.

9, Grammy wallpaper, Grammy, was born in 1990, the leader of the Chinese wallpaper industry, a collection of agents, research and development , production in one of the famous wallpaper brands. Grammy, witnessed the development of China's 20-year-old wallpaper industry, always standing at the forefront of fashion, in the process of brand agency and continuous innovation design, drawing on the world's top wallpaper technology and design, combined with the characteristics of Chinese home, natural integration of international fashion elements, The perfect blend of classics and fashion, offering customers the perfect choice.

10, Kexiang wallpaper, Kexiang wallpaper is the wallpaper products of Zhejiang Kexiang Wallpaper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the top ten brands in China's wallpaper industry, founded in 2007. Kexiang wallpaper has always advocated the "health, green, environmental protection" home concept, the international famous movie star Fan Bingbing is the spokesperson of Kexiang wallpaper image.

The above is the introduction of our top ten famous brands. What are the top ten brands in our wallpaper? Friends can choose to check the above contents. What are the top ten brands of these wallpapers? I also want to know more about decoration information, and continue to pay attention to our decoration home network.

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