What does glazed tile mean? Introduction of glazed tiles

When it comes to glazed tiles, most people think of some ancient buildings for the first time: for example, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, etc. With the widespread use of glazed tiles, people have gradually entered the field of vision, but there are also some people. I want to know the meaning of glazed tiles. As well as the characteristics of the glazed tile, today Xiaobian has issued a welfare for everyone, bringing you the contents of the glazed tile.


First, the meaning of glazed tile

The meaning of glazed tile 1. Glazed tile is made of high quality ore material, after screening and crushing, high pressure molding and high temperature firing. It has the advantages of high strength, good flatness, low water absorption, anti-folding, anti-freezing, acid resistance, alkali resistance, never fading, and so on .

The meaning of glazed tile 2. Widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as factories, houses, hotels, villas, etc., and with its various shapes, glaze color, simple, colorful, environmentally friendly, durable, won the respect of the architectural masters.

Second, the characteristics of glazed tiles

Waterproof: Because the surface of the western glazed tile is coated with a bright glaze layer, it does not seep water and does not accumulate water.

High strength: Western-style glazed tiles are fired at high temperatures, meet national standards, can withstand body weight, and can withstand wind and sun for a long time.

Adaptability to various climates: Due to the unique low water absorption characteristics of western glazed tiles, it can be used not only in the southern region, but also in the cold climate in northern China, and maintains the color under long-term sunlight.

Adapt to tranquility: Due to the unique design of the western glazed tile, it has good adaptability and noise reduction, and does not grow moss, no manual care.

Rich heterosexual accessories: In order to make the roof structure complete and beautiful, the western glazed tile has 14 kinds of unused main tile fittings, which makes the building more artistic.

Color choice: The glazed color of western glazed tiles can be made in various colors after careful preparation. And the color is bright, divided into light, matt, and matt


Second, the production process of glazed tiles

1. Ambilight glazed tiles are traditional Chinese building pieces, usually with golden lead, glaze, blue and other colored lead glaze. As early as in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, China used glazed tiles to decorate buildings. After years of development, glazed tiles have formed a series of products with rich variety, exquisite style and strong assembly. Commonly used ordinary tile parts are: tubular tile, slab tile, sentence tile, drip tile, Luopan tile, folding waist tile, beast, picking angle, Kiss, corner kiss, beast, money beast, treasure top and so on. The western-style tile developed from the traditional glazed tile was first applied in some countries in Europe, such as Japan, Spain, Italy, etc. It combines the tile and the tile type into one, the structure is reasonable, the hanging is simple, the effective coverage area is large, the roof The load is small. There are more than one hundred kinds of glazes. At the same time, it has no lead glaze and glazed anti-lead effect. Therefore, Western-style tiles are becoming more and more widely used in modern architecture.

2. With the vigorous development of China's urban construction, the use of glazed tiles and western-style tiles has increased significantly, and the market prospects are promising. The production process of glazed tile and western-style tile is not complicated. The production line equipment can be produced by automatic production line equipment. It can also be produced by combining some mechanical equipment and manual. The automatic production line equipment has high automation program and less labor. With some mechanical equipment and manual production methods, the investment is small, the effect is quick, and there are more people. We will share the experience of glazed tile production process, billet, glaze and formula research for everyone to discuss.

From the ancient architecture to the use of glazed tiles, many people are relatively strange to him. Today, through the content shared by Xiaobian, everyone has a deeper understanding of the meaning of glazed tiles. This content is here, and it is over. For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network!

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