Where is the Cantonese style furniture? Xinguang-style furniture is ancient

Cantonese-style mahogany furniture is one of the three major schools of traditional Chinese furniture. Due to its combination of western elements in the style and decoration, Guang-style furniture has become the leader in the furniture field in the middle and late Qing Dynasty. However, at the exhibition site, many of the classical furniture produced in Jiangmen area are Ming and Qing style court furniture, and the traditional style of materials, such as thick, heavy, engraved and blended with many Western cultural elements, Little to see. Wu Bingliang, who enjoys the reputation of “Lingnan Luban”, his Wu’s Xinglong furniture products are swaying in Shenzhou with “small art and beautiful style”, and the exhibits are also court style furniture and Ming furniture in the Qing Dynasty. For the main body. Then, why is it that the wide-angle furniture is difficult to trace, is it that the Cantonese-style furniture is not in line with people's aesthetic ideas, or is the Cantonese-style furniture going down? In the "Chinese Traditional Furniture Forum", where does Guangyi Furniture become a concern for the industry? Hot topic. The "First China (Jiangmen) Traditional Furniture Boutique Appreciation Conference" jointly organized by China Furniture Association and Jiangmen Municipal Government was held at the Wuhua Overseas Chinese Plaza Convention and Exhibition Center in Jiangmen City from December 11th to 15th. With the theme of “Cultural Heritage, Industrial Development”, this year's Appreciation Club aims to bring together the representative works of national antique furniture elite enterprises and guide the collection and appreciation culture of traditional furniture. It is reported that the exhibitors have both Taishan and Xinhui local enterprises in Jiangmen area, as well as from Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Fujian and other parts of Guangdong. Among them, a group of national treasure-class antique furniture boutiques carefully selected by Wu's Xinglong, the antique furniture leader in Lingnan area, became the highlight of this exhibition. According to the organizer, the famous brand of mahogany furniture gathered in this boutique appreciating society, and there are many models of furniture products. The exhibition also displays collections such as calligraphy and painting and Kistler which match the traditional furniture. The "China Traditional Furniture Forum" of the Traditional Furniture Professional Committee of the China Furniture Association was also held in the same period, and the development direction of antique furniture in Lingnan area was discussed. At the meeting, Wu Bingliang, deputy director of the Traditional Furniture Professional Committee of the China Furniture Association, advocated the establishment of new-style style mahogany furniture and revitalized the style of Cantonese-style furniture. This new style of wide-style mahogany furniture is not limited to the characteristics of Lingnan area, but focuses on the style characteristics of Chinese contemporary culture built by Lingnan people. It is a new style mahogany furniture created by Lingnan people. . The topic of the leader in the middle and late Qing Dynasty is why it is difficult to trace the film to promote "Xinguang style" to revitalize Xiongwei Guangyi furniture has led the trend. According to Chen Baoguang, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association and director of the traditional furniture professional committee, "Guangzhou is in Qing The generation is the main port of foreign trade. Its unique geographical position makes Guangyi furniture lead the way. It combines many western elements in the style and decoration techniques. It takes into account the traditional aesthetics while taking into account the actual situation. The function of life is also more diversified in the use of materials. For example, the embedding of glass, marble, etc. in furniture determines that the wide-style furniture has become the leading position in the furniture field in the middle and late Qing Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty court furniture Maturity and development have played a positive role in promoting. The development of the style of the Chinese style of traditional Chinese furniture is still of great significance for the development of traditional Chinese furniture. Has been promulgated, but for the quality of the product, the quality of the process, the beauty of the shape, etc. Aspects of testing and identification criteria have not been addressed. Therefore, the introduction of a number of fine furniture in the form of exhibitions can not only allow the industry to learn from each other, but also allow consumers to deepen their understanding of mahogany antique furniture and establish aesthetic standards in the process of appreciation of fine furniture. The development of the industry will have the meaning of regulation and guidance.

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