Which are the money that cannot be saved in the decoration?

The budget for home renovation is limited. In order to save money, some owners only pay attention to spending money on the decorative materials, and do everything possible to save on those materials and wages that have no decorative effects. To ensure the comfort of living after the renovation, the following aspects Money will certainly be saved.

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1. The money for ensuring electricity safety cannot be saved. All wires and accessories must use qualified products. All outlets and switches must come from regular manufacturers. The leakage protection device must be installed on the distribution box and constructed by a professional electrician. Only in this way can you guarantee the normality of your home electricity and the safety of your life and property. Therefore, it is recommended that large-scale building materials supermarkets purchase such materials.

2, the water pipe money can not save. Valves and faucets must be used every day, spend a little more money, buy brand-name products, and use quality-assured brand products for water pipes and fittings, which can bring convenience to your life and eliminate the trouble of “taking a trickle”.

3, hardware accessories can not save money. The door lock must be free to open and close, and the spring force should be better, otherwise it may cause an embarrassing situation where the door is difficult to enter. The drawer rails are of good quality to ensure that drawers can be pulled flexibly. Similarly, the quality of the handle can not be ignored, otherwise it can not be solid or easy to fade.

4. The money for decorating the used paste material cannot be saved. The quality of decorative adhesive materials such as latex, glass glue, cement, and quick-drying adhesives must be carefully selected and not lost. As the splint of the furniture cabinet door frame, the quality must be superior in order to prevent the door from being deformed. In short, for the home decoration, the money in the province must not be saved, so as to avoid inconvenience after decoration. Avoid planting hidden dangers. Fundamentally speaking, it is actually equivalent to saving money.

5, smart home wiring is a modern home improvement can not ignore the issue, it is related to our future life is appropriate, whether convenient and comfortable. So must be considered when the decoration! If you have any questions in this area, you can consult our home intelligence, or you can communicate with me!

Smart home wiring project is a permanent project, but after your renovation is completed but not easy to change, once there are errors and omissions, but it is a big trouble: the Lam Ming line, does not look good; demolition decoration, heavy red line, too Distressed, not worthwhile. Therefore, in order not to leave trouble and regret for the future, consider thoughtfulness before the renovation!

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