Xiangtan County Launches "Four Major Three Bases" Action for Safe Production

This year, the Xiangtan County of Hunan Province started the three-year action plan for the safe production of the “Four Majorities and Three Bases”, and focused on “big propaganda, major training, major inspections, and major renovations” to create “basic construction, basic work, and grassroots work”. In order to guarantee, we will continue to deepen the establishment of safety production standardization in townships and enterprises in safety production demonstrations, continuously raise the people's sense of responsibility for safe production and the concept of the legal system, and promote the safety improvement in the county.

In the three years of operation, Xiangtan County will focus on party and government leading cadres, all sectors of the society, business managers, and employees to conduct safety production promotion; implement safety training programs for employees and production safety supervisors; fully implement corporate risks. Self-examination and self-improvement of the main responsibility, the establishment of leading cadres to lead the inspection work mechanism, innovative safety inspection methods and work processes, and promote the normalization of work safety inspection, normalization.

At the same time, Xiangtan County will also deepen the special action of “non-compliance and non-compliance” in safety production, carry out the special rectification of safety production, strengthen the prevention and treatment of occupational disease hazards, accelerate the construction of safety production supervision and law enforcement equipment, information systems, and emergency rescue systems, and continue to deepen safety production. Demonstration towns and demonstration counties to create activities, and strive to 2016 the county's production safety demonstration township to create more than 90% of the surface, through the "safety demonstration county" to create acceptance.

According to the person in charge of the Xiangtan County Safety Supervision Bureau, through three years of hard work, it is hoped that by 2016, the total number of safety accidents in the county will be significantly reduced, and more or more accidents will be eliminated and the death toll will be controlled within the city’s target range. The goal is to gradually improve the company's intrinsic safety level by gradually improving the safety production responsibility system, hidden troubles inspection and management system and safety prevention and control system.

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